If you are looking to escape the normalcy of everyday life, Gray Ghost Productions has the answer. These fly-fishing films tour the entire eastern seaboard of the United States, as well as remote locations within Patagonia, Canada and the British Virgin Islands to name a few. The journey is important, but so is the story behind each angler, each watershed, and each cast of the fly.
North of Wild

North of Wild is a short film that explores the pursuit of fly-fishing for bigger-than-life wild Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon in an unimaginably rugged, remote, and beautiful place most Americans know nothing about. Culturally unique, pristine, and home to some of the world’s most significant and rewarding fishing, Labrador is a place unlike any other.

The project seeks to explore one of the most untamed and pristine regions in all of North America through the lens of a team of devoted and passionate fly anglers, who have experienced a wide range of fishing situations, but none to rival Labrador. The party, which includes legendary fishing author John Gierach, Labrador’s leading fly-angling authority Robin Reeve, and a young and dedicated fly fishing writer Aimee Eaton, arrive by float plane – the only way in or out of this vast wilderness - and embark on a journey of discovery that few can imagine, much less take part in. With only their guide and a pair of Hudson Bay Freighter canoes, the crew embraces, and is embraced by, a place that is as wild now as it was 200 years ago.

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Turning Tail

Throughout the east coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. For a fly fisherman it may mean the best fresh water game fish there is, to a biologist it may be a long history of research, and the conversationalist in many cases it is the one to save. This film is a compilation of all that is good in North America; people hard at work for an excellent cause, the fight to hold on to a North American treasure or just the simple beauty of this “leaper.” As of late, there are significant efforts in place to better understand what is going on with this fable fish. There’s no doubt; Atlantic salmon are in trouble, particularly in the Coast of Maine watershed and points south. Where once there were thousands of fish, now there are tens. That’s tens. Sadly, in some places, there are none and yet, in many Canadian rivers they are thriving with record returns. It is a lot to take in, we know, but where there is truth you will also find understanding. This journey explores the outer most reaches from the wilds of Labrador, the Gaspe Bay Peninsula and New Brunswick, to the inner workings of hatcheries and fish traps. From the rich sporting heritage to the mystery while at sea, this film will take you on an exploration of a lifetime, well beyond the leap.

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The Good Life

All along the Atlantic seaboard from north to south lies some of the most mind-blowing sections of fish-able water. This project takes a long hard look at the sport of fly fishing along the eastern side of the Mississippi. The Good Life documents the bona-fide enthusiasm and determination for the fly fishing experience. Each fisherman in this film, from Pro's to the unknown, legends to fresh recruits, all share a common bond. They all share an incredible thirst to cast a fly to a fish. This saga tours the better part of the East from Labrador to the Florida Keys and everything in-between. Hitch a ride in the flying Beaver with Luke Gray in search of huge Eastern Brook Trout and enormous Northerns. Check out the alluring saltwater for Stripers in the north or toothy monsters of the southern latitudes. Fish a day with Lefty Kreh in search of popper crunching smallies or take a ride with the hard charging Mckay brothers for a glimpse at young guns behind the fly rod. From Peacock Bass to Landlock Salmon, from urban pools teeming with silver Shad to remote runs with glorious trout and a dash of the occasional Stonefly hatch, this film is proof that the good life is never too far away.

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East by Northeast

The world can be a small place but when you put a flyrod in your hand, the globe becomes a generous playground. This adventure takes us to far away places like Anegada BVI in search for the elusive Pitbull of the Sea. Get schooled with the director of the Green Meanie’s and Professor of the drag-free swing Rik Dow. Join the infamous Bosedoes as they travel behind closed gates in remote Maine for trophy squaretails. Head off the grid with Luke Gray to untouched water, or hear the scream of the reel as we hunt for warm-water treasures with Mike Jones. From Canada’s wilderness to island living, and of course the North East at it’s best, life on the road has never been so thrilling. Between high water, puddle-jumpers, purple haze, remote locals, conservation, big bugs and generous grins, this film goes on forever, and the party never ends. Join these fly fishing addicts on their quest for the endless drift with a heading of East by North –East.

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The One

Follow the dream team of Gray Ghost Production’s first adventure as they travel through New England, Patagonia and British Columbia in search of The One. Come explore the untouched terrain of Argentina with Michael Jones or hop in the jet boat for a wild ride hunting for steelheads. New England’s most prominent trout guru and director of the Green Meanie’s takes us into the backcountry of Maine and trophy brook trout water. Take a look back in time to rediscover the Rangeley Lakes Region and the famous trout flies originated in this area. Tag along with Luke Gray and Charlie Davidson as they hear the scream of the reel on some of New England’s large and small tributaries. Join these fly fishing junkies and their quest for, The One.

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