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Since 2007, Gray Ghost Productions LLC has focused on a singular goal: To provide the ultimate in unique outdoor adventure films. Helmed by award-winning producer Carter Davidson, GGP seeks to document the art of the outdoorsman and the natural beauty in which he or she practices; perhaps most importantly though, is Davidson’s eye for the story behind the adventure. Who are these people? What is the history of this place? What secrets are hidden here?

GGP is a one-of-a-kind film company, offering video production, pre-production, on-location camera work and post-production services. GGP offers corporate video, streaming media, advertising and stock footage, as well as a full-service creative team, each member of which is obsessed with everything about the outdoors.

There is no task too large, too small, or too outlandish for us to film. We have shot on location across the globe, from remote mountain peaks and river valleys to our native soil here in New England. In short, if there is a great story to tell, we’ll film it. And we’ll film it with passion – passion for conservation, passion for the lifestyle, for understanding the significance of tradition, and culture, and of course a warm respect for those who went before is in our craft. And that just may be it for us – filming outdoor adventure is more than pretty sunsets, giant fish and wild settings – at GGP, we want to portray on film every single element that comprises the magic that is truly right outside our doors.